• Deacon-Deaconess Ministry:  Deacon/Deaconess have the primary responsibility of assisting the Pastor in the area of service to the congregation. Some key functions include assisting with the ordinances of Baptism and the Lords Supper, benevolent care of the sick and shut-in and showing genuine love and care for all of Gods children. (Acts 6:2-6)
  • Trustee Ministry:  The Trustee Board shall hold on trust all property belonging to the church and shall take all necessary measures for its protection, management and upkeep. The Trustee Board shall transact all legal matters on behalf of the church. It shall hold in trust all property of the church such as important papers, church deeds, arrange for note and payment and sign all legal papers and look out for the general welfare of the church temporal speaking. A trustee is duty bound to assist the Pastor with property, business and financial affairs of the Church within compliance of governmental laws.
  • Sunday School Ministry:  The Sunday school is responsible for providing a systematic course of study in teaching the bible and application of its principles. (2 Timothy 2:15)
  • Missionary Society Ministry:  The goal of the Missionary Society is to promote the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through service and witness in the world. The Missionary Society offers loving, Christian fellowship with all members of the church and local community strengthening faith and supporting missionary opportunities on the local, State, National and International levels. (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Music Ministry:  The Music Ministry is driven to enhance the praise and worship experience during services of which SGMBC is involved. The purpose is to praise God through song and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry consist of the SGMBC Choir and the SGMBC Male Chorus. (Psalm 100)
  • Ushers Ministry:  The Ushers Ministry is responsible for creating a warm and welcoming environment for all worshippers who come to SGMBC. They kindly provide direction and attention to questions and concerns of worshippers. Ushers manage the offerings during services and provide security for the offerings until it is transferred to the finance committee. They assist the Pastor with distributions during services and prepare the pulpit before services. They are the doorkeepers and give the first impression of the personality of the Church. (Psalm 100)
  • Benevolence Ministry:  The Benevolence Ministry assists the Pastor by providing holistic assistance to individuals and families during times of hardship or crisis by temporarily assisting with basic needs by way of the established guidelines by which the ministry operates.
  • Scholarship Ministry:  The Scholarship Ministry demonstrates the church’s commitment to our young people here at SGMBC in their endeavors toward attaining higher education by providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are active members and who meet eligibility requirements.
  • Christian Education Ministry:   The Christian Education Ministry will establish a framework for training church workers, ministries and the congregation as needed to enhance the churches worship and service to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Multimedia Ministry:   Multimedia Ministry will assist the Pastor with managing, cataloging and maintaining the sound and media equipment (sound board, speakers, microphones, monitors, televisions, audio/visual equipment, the Churches social media outlets (websites, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts).
  • Praise Dance Ministry:   The Praise Dance Ministry is dedicated to praising the Lord through dance and expressing the joy of serving God in Spirit and in truth. Psalm 149:3-4 (NKJV)
  • Culinary Ministry:  To support, comfort and nurture members and guests of SGMBC through the acquisition, preparation and serving of nutritional and delicious foods. Responsible for coordinating with other ministries planning special events involving a meal, refreshments or a repast. The Culinary Ministry will maintain the functionality of the kitchen and equipment to support their efforts; keeping the kitchen well stocked, safe and secure; providing safety training and maintaining industry standards for food service.
  • The Nurses Ministry:  The Nurses Ministry provides emergency medical assistances during services at SGMBC. Members of the ministry are trained/certified in CPR and AED administration. They provide blood pressure checks twice a month after morning worship and distributed health related materials to the congregation on varies topics.
  • Cemetery Ministry:  To plan, direct and coordinate all aspects of the management and care of the SGMBC cemetery.
    The Grounds and Facilities Ministry: The Grounds and Facilities Ministry are responsibility of the cleaning, maintenance, safety and beautification of the grounds and facilities of SGMBC.
  • The Transportation Ministry:  Our 18 passenger bus is used to transport members to service events, make pickups throughout the community and at Tuskegee University for services and for outings for members of all ages.
  • The Emergency Management Ministry:  This team is responsible for providing leadership in the development of the plan and execution of emergency responses and member and visitor safety during a fire, severe weather, or health related emergencies.


The Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Tuskegee, Alabama, originated in 1885. The founders purchased a parcel of land, and later a small, framed building (about 14’ x 16’) was erected as a shelter for the congregation.


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